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Compactor Cleaning

Keep your trash compactor as fresh as your image.

When it comes to trash compactors, maintaining first-class cleanliness can be a BIG job. The trouble is, poorly-maintained trash areas are a breeding ground for pests, bacteria, and harmful contaminants. Not only is this unsafe, but it elicits unwanted attention from your customers. Hiring a partner to perform routine maintenance ensures your trash compactor is kept clean and your image is protected, without you having to take the burden on yourself.

We service 3 main types of compactors, all across the country.

  • Pit-style Stationary Compactors
  • Exterior Stationary Compactors
  • Self-Contained Compactors

The Basics: Compactor Cleaning Service


Every service detail is confirmed with the store manager, including start time, crew size, and preparation instructions.


Vehicles are parked near the rear entrance, away from the storefront. All supplies are brought to the compactor area.


Our patent-protected water recovery system and drain covers are set up to seal all drains and prevent run-off.


After pulling the compactor unit out with our vehicle, we inspect it for any damage and assess the need for any repairs.


Heavy dirt and debris are swept away. A hot biodegradable cleaner and disinfectant is used to brush-scrub the unit.


The compactor and surrounding pad is hot-rinsed until a clear flow of water is coming from the compactor area.


The unit is pushed back and all fittings are greased. A full cycle is run to ensure the unit is working properly.


Each compactor unit is closely inspected and a detailed report is provided to the store manager.


Crew Leader speaks with the facility manager to report any problems and review inspection before completing the job.

If Kept didn't do the job right; we would get someone else. They do a great job and everything is wonderful. 10 out of 10 Customer Service Rating.
Mr. Ken Ferares
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