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Kept Companies is the proud owner of a variety of leading brands. Each brand offers services in a unique area of focus.

Built by earning your trust for over 50 years, watch as we highlight what you can expect today, tomorrow and always from Kept Companies. Watch the video.

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About Kept

Since the beginning, hard work and perseverance have fueled our success. Now? We're ready to take on more than ever before.

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Our Services

Our breadth of services is as wide as our reach.

It takes a lot to keep facilities running at 100%. Thankfully, across Kept's collection of brands, you'll find a complete and comprehensive offering of services. That means everything you need, from line painting to dusting, is managed on site, on time, and by the same team.


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Wide Range of Services for all Industries

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Bridge Washing

No matter the challenge Kept is available to be on site and ready to keep any sized infrastructure clean and operational. Trust the experts with over 50 years of experience to get the job done right and on time.

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Cart Services & Sales

Our proprietary Eliminator Service saves time and resources – it's the most effective, efficient, and economical way to clean grocery carts, bakery carts, and rolling racks of any size. We'll disinfect your carts with soap, food-grade disinfectant, and power rinse – all in record time, so you don't have to!

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Case Cleaning

The intricate inner workings of retail refrigeration units can hide dirt and decomposing food particles. To ensure everything is kept sanitary and running well, we carefully hand-clean these units, inside and out. This ensures bacteria is never left hidden or unnoticed.

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Coil Cleaning

Dirty coils can cut the life expectancy of your HVAC equipment by making your units work harder than normal to do their job. When HVAC units are forced to work harder than necessary they: increase the cost of your utility bills, affect output air quality, and impact the comfort level of your facility's occupants.

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Compactor Cleaning

Hiring a partner to perform routine maintenance ensures your trash compactor is kept clean and your image is protected, without you having to take the burden on yourself.

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Keeping surfaces clean is key to the safety of your staff and customers, especially in high traffic areas. We offer a full range of solutions to keep your business both safe and functional, with an added measure of protection.

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Facility Maintenance

We understand operating a facility is complex and has extensive maintenance requirements. Our wide range of services provide our customers with the piece of mind that their facility is maintained on a regular and scheduled basis.

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Field Installations

Rest assured knowing that the job is getting done right, our team of experience installers will make sure the job is done right and in a timely manner.

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Facility Services

For customers, the cleanliness of your facility can signal the health of your business. Which means looking your best is part of being your best. With our full range of facility and building cleaning services, we help ensure your entire facility is clean, from the parking lot all the way up to the roof.

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Filter Cleaning

We understand the importance of regular filter cleaning and maintenance. Our filter cleaning services ensure all of your filtration systems are operating under the best conditions which helps reduce unexpected maintenance and repairs.

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Food Handling

Since 1967, we've been proud partners of Industrial Controls, a food plant sanitation system manufacturer. As a result, we're able to provide efficient sanitation services that prioritize conservation of utilities and operator safety.

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Gas Station Cleaning

The way your gas station looks makes a difference. Keeping your business clean not only guarantees you'll meet regulations, but ensures you'll stand out amongst the competition.

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High Dusting

Kept offers High Dusting to keep your facility looking new and your customers and employees safe from air pollutants. Dust and grime build up over time, making your facility look dingy and dirty. This is especially the case in high and hard to reach areas.

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Hood Cleaning icon

Hood Cleaning

Our trained technicians hot-power wash, steam, and hand clean your entire kitchen exhaust system from the rooftop fan all the way down to the cooktop, leaving it spotless. Each service includes a vacuum, power wash, scrub, and hood polish.

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House/Building Washing

No matter the size of your property, Kept's team of professionals can assist with keeping it clean throughout the year for your customers or neighbours to admire.

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HVAC Install

Trust our experts with years of experience to supply, install and set up your HVAC system.

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Litter Patrol

Your image to the public is important. Our team is ready to keep your property and business clear of all litter and unexpected garbage.

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On-Call Graffiti & Oil Spill Removal icon

On-Call Graffiti & Oil Spill Removal

Keep your business looking fresh and clean with our on-call graffiti and oil spill removal service, we are at the ready to keep your property clean.

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Looking to revitalize your current look or just apply some touch-ups? Our team of expert painters will pay close attention to the little details to keep your business looking fresh and revitalized.

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Parking Lot Services

Our facility management services include regularly scheduled parking lot sweeping and sidewalk cleaning, plus snow removal and salting as needed. No matter the weather, our team is ready 24/7 to make sure your business is safe and accessible to your customers.

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Parking Lot Striping

Improve safety, increase capacity, and ensure your parking lots are accessible. Our fleet is equipped with truck-mounted, walk-behind, or thermoplastic line stripers to get the job done to your specifications.

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Refrigeration Unit Cleaning icon

Refrigeration Unit Cleaning

The intricate inner workings of retail refrigeration units can hide dirt and decomposing food particles. To ensure everything is kept sanitary and running well, we carefully hand-clean these intricate units, inside and out. This ensures bacteria is never left hidden or unnoticed.

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Snow Plowing icon

Snow Plowing

Keep your parking lots and path ways clear of hazardous snow pile up. Trust the Kept team and our extensive experience with snow plowing and snow removal services to keep your business clear and accessible.

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Solar Panel Cleaning icon

Solar Panel Cleaning

Availability of sustainable alternative energy is important to us too. Optimize the output and lifespan of your solar panels by keeping them clean. Using our C.A.R.E.S. water recovery system ensures water runoff is taken care of in a clean and sustainable way.

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Fleet Washing

Transportation managers, fleet managers, and vehicle owners have relied on us for over 50 years. As the largest truck washing provider worldwide, we've seen it all. Which means we know how to handle any job, of any size, anywhere.

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Undercarriage Cleaning

Maintain a regular cleaning schedule to remove corrosive agents like salt, oil, and grime – to extend the life of your vehicle's exterior paint and undercarriage.

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Window Cleaning

No matter where your windows are, our expert team can reach, and clean all windows in your facilities to keep your business looking fresh and professional.

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