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Kept Companies is the proud owner of a variety of leading brands. Each brand offers services in a unique area of focus.

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Since the beginning, hard work and perseverance have fueled our success. Now? We're ready to take on more than ever before.

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Retail & Department Stores

Floors, shopping carts, bathrooms—you name it, we've got it covered.

For Facility Managers, maintaining a clean retail store plays a critical role in a store's success. The cleanliness of a facility can either positively or negatively impact a chain's brand. High customer expectations, the growth of LEED and GREEN cleaning, as well as the cost of maintaining an appropriate janitorial staff and equipment all add to the complexity of maintaining cost-effective cleanliness. With our bundled services, you can rest assured knowing your entire facility is cleaned affordably, sustainably, and all at once.

The Cleanliness of Your Space Influences Purchasing Decisions

A consumer marketing study conducted by ISSA - The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association - found that 95% of shoppers reported that unclean restrooms, unpleasant orders, dirty floors, spills, dirty shopping carts, and stains could all influence purchasing decisions. Shoppers want to feel comfortable; your facility should be clean and feel healthy to ensure an optimal shopping experience.

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Sidewalk Cleaning

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Coil Cleaning

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Facility & Building Cleaning

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Trash Chute & Compactor Cleaning

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On-call Graffiti and Oil Spill Removal

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Parking Lot Sweeping

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Sweeping & Litter Patrol

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Line Striping

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Bathroom Cleaning

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