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Kept Companies is the proud owner of a variety of leading brands. Each brand offers services in a unique area of focus.

Built by earning your trust for over 50 years, watch as we highlight what you can expect today, tomorrow and always from Kept Companies. Watch the video.

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About Kept

Since the beginning, hard work and perseverance have fueled our success. Now? We're ready to take on more than ever before.

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Our History

We didn't become this way overnight. We built it day after day, year after year, for five decades.

Kept's legacy began as a response to a need in the market. In the early 70s, the transportation and distribution industry was quickly expanding, calling for a more effective cleaning solution. So, in 1973, Fleetwash was created as one of the first mobile truck washing businesses.

In the decades that followed, Fleetwash continued to respond to growing market needs. And the hardworking, "can-do, will-do" attitude of the employees led to an expansion of services and key investments in sustainability and technology. Today, Fleetwash is now a subsidiary of Kept, the parent company to nine sustainable nationwide facility maintenance brands.


In response to the growing transportation industry, Fleetwash opens a mobile truck washing operation. As a family-run business, the Fleetwash team is driven by innovation, hard work and long hours.


With the Clean Water Act in the spotlight, the environmental impact of industrial pollutants becomes a pressing concern in the United States.

The very first mobile truck units and water recovery systems, like the ones shown here, were designed, engineered and retooled in the first Fleetwash garage located in Northern New Jersey.

Historical image of Fleetwash truck

Fleetwash works to address rising concerns over wastewater and its effects on ground and stormwater pollution. As a result, they develop their first end-to-end water recovery system.


Fleetwash acquires its first company - HydroClean.

Modern image of Fleetwash truck cleaning

From CEO to lower level management, all Kept employees are paid for the work they put in, and incentivized for a job well done. This business model fuels our "can-do, will do" spirit.


Fleetwash expands its expertise to the Petroleum Industry – cleaning and reimaging hundreds of Gas Stations across the country.


Fleetwash continues to respond to rapid market needs, expanding its services and growing to become a nationwide provider.


Fleetwash joins the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce and adds biodegradable washing agents to their water filtration and elimination process.


Fleetwash becomes Kept Companies, the parent company for leading facility maintenance brands.

Our Services

Our Services

Because of our family of nine brands, we’ve been able to grow our services extensively. Today, we have over 23 unique services to keep your facility moving.

What We Do

Industries we Serve

Industries We Serve

We wouldn't be here if it weren't for our customers. Over the years, we've been able to service over 6 broad industries with our extensive list of services. And we're always looking to grow.

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