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Kept Companies is the proud owner of a variety of leading brands. Each brand offers services in a unique area of focus.

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Since the beginning, hard work and perseverance have fueled our success. Now? We're ready to take on more than ever before.

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We keep
freshwater, fresh.

At Kept, we do everything we can to ensure wastewater goes back into the environment contaminant free.

A thriving business depends on a thriving planet

Just like our businesses, the health and longevity of our planet is dependent on our careful stewardship. It's the reason we take an "eco-first approach" — ensuring every step of our process has our natural ecosystems in mind.

We keep freshwater, fresh.

Over 80% of the world's wastewater is released into the environment without the treatment it needs to remain a safe source of freshwater. At Kept, we do everything we can to ensure wastewater goes back into the environment contaminant free.

Clean Water icon

Clean freshwater is scarce.

Did you know? While 66% of the Earth is covered with water, only 2.5% of that water is fresh. Of that 2.5%, less than 1% is clean enough to sustain life — the majority is not safe for drinking, swimming, or bathing.

Waste Water icon

Wastewater is … a waste.

Without proper treatment, wastewater is unusable to the life that depends on it. Soaps, chemicals, and pollutants must be removed before wastewater is added back into our waterways.

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We can all play a part.

It takes high volumes of water to keep your facilities clean. Working with a partner who meets (or exceeds) EPA standards and local agency specifications ensures the water you use won't go to waste.

Freshwater is essential for our planet. Freshwater is vital for people and wildlife – it needs careful management because there's not always enough to go around.
— World Wildlife Fund

Our C.A.R.E. Process

At Kept, we utilize a four-step water recovery process, "C.A.R.E.", which guarantees effective and responsible wastewater elimination.

Kept C.A.R.E. process icon

Kept's C.A.R.E. water recovery system processes and eliminates over 6,000,000 gallons of wastewater each year. That's equivalent to:

40 million

bottles of water

1 million

water coolers

350 thousand


Organic cleaners

Our organic cleaners provide a safe and GREEN cleaning alternative to conventional commercial and industrial cleaners.

Our organic cleaners are water-based, non-toxic, non-fuming, and non-flammable. "Organic Green Punch" is our most versatile organic cleaner, useful in truck and vehicle washing as well as hard surface cleaning. "Organic Clean Universe" is fit for more specific uses, such as the cleaning of tankers, aluminum, concrete, any tile surface, and rust or oxidation off of any surface.


  • Safe and powerful cleaners easily penetrate grease, grime, and traffic film on all surfaces
  • Free of harsh and/or toxic chemicals typically found in commercial and industrial cleansers
  • Formulated for increased dwell times on surfaces, rinsing clear to reduce streaking and water-spotting
  • Free of fragrance and strong odors

We work smarter, so the planet doesn't have to work harder.

Efficiency is a core tenant of our business. For starters, having efficient services, technologies, and processes ensures we get your job done as quickly and effectively as possible. More than that, our efficiency mindset eliminates unnecessary waste, reducing the use of paper, fuel, and other elements.


Our custom built technology solutions ensure you get all the information you need, digitally (and instantly), making us a 100% paperless operation.

Fuel Efficient

Our advanced approach to scheduling and route mapping allows us to optimize work routes, maximizing fuel (and work) efficiency.

Up to Date

We invest in the latest equipment, like our newly redesigned pressure washers, to reduce gasoline consumption and emissions.

Solar panel cleaning image

We support your solar journey.

Our solar maintenance services increase the longevity and output of your panels, helping you make the most positive impact possible.

We extend the life of your carts.

In addition to clearing your carts and rolling tracks, our refurbishing program gives used carts a new life.

Cart Cleaning & Maintenance image
Our team adhere's to strict compliance guidelines image

We value compliance.

All facilities comply with OSHA, EHS, and state government requirements and are certified by state and local environmental agencies. We also maintain $2 Million Pollution Insurance policy.

Proud member of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce image

Kept is a proud member of the U.S Green Chamber of Commerce.

The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce is an organization for businesses and community organizations that emphasize green and sustainable business practices. As proud members, we make an effort to incorporate sustainable practices into every part of our business.

See how we help contribute to having freshwater water.

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